The Sustainable Logistics 4.0 conference will bring together academics, researchers and professionals from different countries in order to discuss their research results, experiences, challenges and opportunities of future development in the field of logistics.

The conference is co-organized with the 9th Annual Proffessional Logistics&Transport Conference and 3rd International Logistics Fair LogExpo that will take place at the same place and time.

Comprising these three events will give you the insight into latest research and provide you the opportunity of meeting future partners.

The Sustainable Logistics 4.0 conference will consider extended abstracts from following wide range of topics:

  1. Green Logistics (comprehending subtopics as Green Mobility=Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Energy Management, Smart Transport Infrastructure, Sustainable Logistics and Energy, etc.)
  2. Transport Logistics (comprehending subtopics as Transportation Networks, Intermodal Transport, Air Transport, Rail Transport, Water Transport, Road Transport, Supply and Distribution, Freight Forwarding, Location problems, Routing)
  3. Intralogistics (comprehending subtopics as Warehousing Systems, Material Handling, Inventory, Order Picking)
  4. Production Logistics (comprehending subtopics as LEAN, Kaizen, Optimization, Simulation, Production in SCM)
  5. City Logistics (comprehending subtopics as Sustainable Urban Mobility, Smart Transportation Models, First and Last Mile in City Logistics)
  6. Logistics centers (comprehending subtopics as Freight Terminals, Ports, Airports)
  7.  IT in Logistics
  8.  Simulations in Logistics  
  9.  Logistics Costs (comprehending subtopics as Management and Monitoring of Logistics Costs, Performance of Logistic Systems, etc.)
  10.  Supply Chain (comprehending subtopics as SC Design, SC Planning and Execution, SC Controlling).